Rogue One – may the force be with you


Rogue One was almost everything I had hoped it would be. The only thing I missed was lots of Lightsaber action – but don’t worry there are a few Darth Vader appearances with his glowing red saber at the end, but it would have been great to see more.

Rogue One wasn’t short of explosions, battle scenes, strange creatures and heroism. We see a group of unexpected heroes band together to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s devastating new weapon which literally obliterates planets – cool huh?

This film is based before all of the original Star Wars films. Do you remember Princess Leia telling Luke that a lot of people died to get hold of the Death Star’s plans at the start of the original movie? Well this is what she was talking about. Plenty of people die in this epic beach battle to find a way to bring down Vader.

It’s not surprising that the movie debut brought in £17.3m in the UK alone, proving that Star Wars still has a massive fan base. This truly is a movie made for its dedicated fans, but you might struggle to get the gist of things/ enjoy it if you don’t like the other Star Wars films. Although if you like cool fight scenes and space ships you can still appreciate Rogue One for its fun story line and epic ending.

I loved the band of rebellious misfits that come together in this film to take on their opponent when all seems lost, it made me want to become a rebel!

Definitely worth a watch, Star Wars fan or not. But being a fan of the intergalactic saga myself, I’d give it a 8.5/10!


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