Reign is an American history romance series which I recently watched on Netflix and thought it was worth giving a review.

The series is based on following Mary, Queen of Scots in her early exploits as she joins French Court to marry Prince Francis, who she only met as a small child and has been betrothed to ever since. This fantasy TV show takes us through their troubled love story and their additional hardship of learning to become King and Queen of France and Scotland.

It only took one episode to get me hooked on this series and I was glued to the TV until I’d watched every season. The perfect way to describe it is Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl – and I love both of those series so it was perfect for me.

The reason it is alike Game of Thrones is for its various sex, violence and war scenes which there are plenty of. It reminds me of Gossip Girl because of the bitchiness that happens at French Court and the relationship dramas that unravel.

Queen Mary is played by the actor Adelaide Kane, who is both beautiful and a perfect fit for this role. I am immensely jealous of her because of the amazing wardrobe she has in each episode, the budget for this series was clearly high because of the costumes and castles used to film in – fantastically shot and directed in my opinion.

I am sure this type of show is not for everyone, but I must say personally that this is one of my favourite TV series of all time because it provides everything I am looking for – fantastic clothes, a devastating love story, very attractive men, sex scandals and action scenes. What more could you want?

Would definitely suggest giving it a watch.



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