Z: The Beginning of Everything


This new Amazon Prime TV series has all the gin, jazz and debauchery that you would expect from the 1920’s. We finally get to hear more of the story about the famous Fitzgerald couple, more so from the prospective of Zelda Fitzgerald rather than her husband.

Zelda was known in history as being a fiery, unique woman who refused to be portrayed as inferior to men. This series managed to dipict that perfectly, as Zelda continuously broke societies rules. However, she was disapointingly still at the mercy of her husband as he handled their money and stole some of her written ideas to become a successful author, he cheated and she forgave him, he drank and offended her family but Zelda continued to stand by him – not exactly how I wanted her to be in my mind, butit probably wasn’t a surprise from that era.

Zelda and F.Scott Fitzgerald were such a famous and iconic couple during the time of the flapper culture, the actors managed to portray this fantastically and were dedicated to their roles.

The costumes and backdrops were stunning and dipicted a romantic and inspiring image of the 1920’s.

Z has a lot to offer as a series, it’s so easy to watch and I have always loved a good period drama.  The story of the famous duo isn’t a happy one though, as you may know Scott died at age 44 and Zelda died in a fire at a mental hospital she was a patient at. They had quite the dramatic life, which is why the producers wouldn’t have had a problem creating content for this series. Like the lives of this couple, this series is both magical and brave yet devastating.

Worth a watch.



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