Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf is based on the story of a rather awkward high school teenager who is attacked by a werewolf whilst walking in the woods one night. The werewolf curse makes him stronger, more confident and brilliant at sport – gaining him popularity and girls, but Scott McCall soon learns that it’s not all fun and games as he has to fight other supernatural creatures to keep the people in his town safe.

I chose to start watching this series on Netflix one evening when I had nothing else to watch, thinking it wouldn’t be my cup of tea and that I’d watch one and get bored – that was not the case. I became hooked and watched the first three seasons in an incredibly short amount of time and became glued to the sofa.

The werewolf faces/ makeup seems a little cheesy at times but the overall special effects weren’t too bad and the acting is brilliant in my opinion.

Stiles, who is Scott McCall’s best friend (played by Dylan O’Brien), is hilarious and witty and the goofy but loyal best friend that anyone could hope for, especially when faced with confronting supernatural creatures you never even thought could exist.

What’s is great about this series is that it doesn’t follow your typical supernatural storyline, there are no vampires and fairies, but there are unusual creatures like the Ghost Riders and the Dread Doctors, which are fantasticly well inserted into the show.

The only bad thing I really have to say is that I was disapointed by how the last season ends, I wanted more details about how Scott and Stiles’ life turns out as they head off to college and I hoped to see the return of Scott’s fox/ ninja girlfriend (you’ll get that reference if you’ve watched it) – but I guess that is just me wanting more of a great thing.

I could easily rewatch this entire show, it’s brilliant and captivating and so easy to get stuck into – there’s plenty of attractive actors to enjoy in this series too so if anything it’s worth a try for that at least.





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