John Wick: Chapter 2


Keanu Reeves is back with a bang and kicking ass in this action sequal, where he plays a super assassin. It has more fight scenes, more explosions and more hit men than its predecessor where we saw John Wick take vengence on some thugs that murdered his dog.

This chapter follows on directly from the previous film as we see John Wick’s plan to retire cut short (again) when an Italian gangster shows up on his doorstep demanding he repay a debt to him.

My husband and I both loved the first film, it was definitely one of our favourite action movies to date and this follow up didn’t dissapoint. I’m also pretty sure than John Wick managed to kill hundreds of people in this chapter, pretty unrealistic but awesome none the less.

I personally think that the latest James Bond films should take a few notes from John Wick. Mr Wick rocks a black suit, he knows a range of different fighting styles and is unstoppable with a gun. It’s also nice that although he’s an assassin, he follows the code of the secret assassin society The Continental, which is why he must repay the debt he owes.

Whilst this film is a great and some what gorey action movie it still pulled at our heart strings. I just wish these guys would give John a break and let him retire and live the quiet life with his new dog like he so desperately wants. He lost the love of his life and now he’s having his house blown up and his life threatend by the worlds best assassins.

I was worried that this sequel wouldn’t live up to the first film, but in many ways it was even better. The only thing I didn’t entirely get was Ruby Rose’s character, we already had a bad guy in the form of an Italian gangster and she was sort of his body guard in some ways, I don’t think she really added anything to do the film except I suppose for some good girl power but still it seemed a bit random.

This is the perfect movie for every action fan and the ending leaves it open to a third film, which I hope will show John Wick working with other people rather than just on his own, maybe chucking in a new relationship so he can move on from the loss of his wife.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

P.s can I just add that Keanu Reeves is in his 50’s – how mad is that? He’s still got it!




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