La La Land


What a fantastically funny, utterly charming and romantic film this was. I was so worried that it wouldn’t live up to the hype that it has had, but it was enchanting.

This movie tells the tale of a couples journey as they try to accomplish their dreams in LA. Emma Stone plays a wannabe actor and Ryan Gosling is a talented jazz musician who wants to keep jazz alive in Los Angeles.

I am always a bit skeptical about musicals, not on stage but in the movie format. There aren’t many film musicals that I have enjoyed, but I slightly fell in love with this one, I mean nothing beats the Moulin Rouge for me but this was high up there. What was also great was that my husband enjoyed it too as he wasn’t over joyed about going to see this film in the first place and has never been much of a fan of musicals, but he even liked it as well.

The effects and use of camera shots were fantastic and it managed to make you feel like you were watching something on the West End. I also liked that this movie wasn’t completely predictable, there was no cheesy love at first site story line and although there’s somewhat of a happy ending it’s not how you think it’ll be (I won’t give anymore away).


At some moments I had a huge smile across my face and had to remind myself there were other people sat around me in the cinema.

Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone played their characters perfectly and have great chemistry, but that’s not surprising as they have stared in other films together, like Crazy Stupid Love for example. What I also thought was fantastic is that these two actors learnt all of the dance routines and songs and Gosling even learnt to play the piano, there was no stand in pianist – which you’ll think is even more impressive when you see the sections where he plays.

So anyway, in summary after watching this movie I’m ready to move to LA and become a stereotypical waitress trying to make it as an actor, whilst still managing to live a glamorous lifestyle on minimum wage.

This film is timeless and one I look forward to watching again in the future. I imagine all the family could enjoy watching this.



Why Him?


It’s all parents nightmares, to meet the boyfriend of their daughter and to hate him. This movie goes through all of those emotions as a serious couple meet their daughter’s hipster and insanely rich boyfriend (played by James Franco) for the first time in this comedy.

Franco’s character got plenty of chuckles from the audience whilst I was watching this movie, including from me. To be honest whilst I was watching this film one ladies laugh throughout the whole thing took the attention away from the film itself. Her high toned ridiculously loud laugh had the rest of the audience looking and laughing at her instead of the film, at least we know whatever was going on was amusing for her.

Anyway, back to the movie. Whilst this movie really hit the nail on the head with father daughter relationships and how today’s tech wiz kids are dominating the rich and elite and pushing out the old, it sort of lacked a real story line and was pretty predictable.

Basically the premises for the film is – Dad’s business is struggling, meets daughters boyfriend doesn’t like him, Dad gets over it after some highly comical incidents and accepts future son-in-law, they do business and everyone lives happily ever after. This isn’t something I haven’t seen before – very similar to Meet the Fockers style story line.

But besides the obvious this was a fun film to watch and I did enjoy it. It’s not one I’d want to watch again but I’m glad I’ve seen it and got some laughs out of it.

James Franco really makes this movie for me and plays his character fantastically, so if you’ve got nothing to do one night this week why not go and check it out?

For me I’d give it a 5/10.




Reign is an American history romance series which I recently watched on Netflix and thought it was worth giving a review.

The series is based on following Mary, Queen of Scots in her early exploits as she joins French Court to marry Prince Francis, who she only met as a small child and has been betrothed to ever since. This fantasy TV show takes us through their troubled love story and their additional hardship of learning to become King and Queen of France and Scotland.

It only took one episode to get me hooked on this series and I was glued to the TV until I’d watched every season. The perfect way to describe it is Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl – and I love both of those series so it was perfect for me.

The reason it is alike Game of Thrones is for its various sex, violence and war scenes which there are plenty of. It reminds me of Gossip Girl because of the bitchiness that happens at French Court and the relationship dramas that unravel.

Queen Mary is played by the actor Adelaide Kane, who is both beautiful and a perfect fit for this role. I am immensely jealous of her because of the amazing wardrobe she has in each episode, the budget for this series was clearly high because of the costumes and castles used to film in – fantastically shot and directed in my opinion.

I am sure this type of show is not for everyone, but I must say personally that this is one of my favourite TV series of all time because it provides everything I am looking for – fantastic clothes, a devastating love story, very attractive men, sex scandals and action scenes. What more could you want?

Would definitely suggest giving it a watch.


Assassin’s Creed


Movie adaptions of video games usually do receive a bad reception, the Assassin’s Creed movie has been highly anticipated for many of us as we waited to see whether they could break the bad rep that video game adaptions usually get.

As I’m not much of a game player myself it is hard to say how well the movie portrayed the games original story line and whether fans received it well, but I’ll try my best to give you my unbiased opinion of the film. I for one am a big action film fan so I was keen to see this movie because of the fast paced and dramatic trailer that I caught a glimpse of before its release.

To give you a bit of background on the synopsis, Michael Fassbender plays the character Callum Lynch. The start of the film shows Callum in prison following his history of violence which probably stem from his ‘daddy issues’. After being given the lethal injection, expecting to obviously die, Callum wakes up in a strange new environment and quickly learns that the ‘scientists’ who spared his life want to plug into his brain to receive the memories of his ancestors from the time of the Spanish Inquisition. Following me so far?

The movie continuously switches from scenes of Michael Fassbender strapped up to a strange contraption to dramatic (and quite unbelievable) fight scenes from his ancestors memories. Although the action scenes are insane and unbelievable, in some ways that is what I want from a movie – something unrealistic because otherwise it’d probably be a bit dull and it’s always fun to imagine myself being able to do the things that these assassin’s can do.

The movie starts to get more complex as Fassbender’s character struggles with whether to help the scientists retrieve an artifact that could take away everyone in the world’s free will – basically to make them more compliant.


Some of the effects in this film are great, with the scenes of Fassbender climbing up walls and seeing ghost like images of his ancestor. However, during the first fight scenes which is based in a desert, the sand is flying everywhere making it hard to see what is in fact going on – perhaps they didn’t have the budget to actually let us see all of the supposed action scenes.

Also I do have to question some of the characters back stories, we don’t get to learn how the Assassin’s Creed started and what fueled their passion to protect the free world – it’s also hard to see what motivates Callum’s character and others like his in the modern day to take on the cause of the assassins. I mean has his ancestor taken over his mind or is he still himself and just wants to be a bad ass? It’s not quite clear.

Anyway, whilst I’m not sure how this film compares to the video game, over all it wasn’t a bad movie to watch. I definitely think it’s worth giving a try even if you’re not a fan of the video game. I mean for one Michael Fassbender does a fantastic job in this movie and I really enjoyed seeing him portray a thug turned assassin, plus he doesn’t look too bad with his top off so there’s even something for the ladies.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.





Well what can I say? A movie with Chris Pratt’s naked rear in it… couldn’t go wrong really could you?

This movie had something for everyone. A love story for all you die hard romantics, space scenes for anyone loving a bit of sc-fi and plenty of crashing scenes and explosions for the action fans.

The main complaint I had was that it became pretty predictable towards the end, I knew how Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s characters story would end before it did, but never the less it had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside afterwards.

You also get to see some great Chris Pratt butt shots and there are several laugh out loud moments too. I should add that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with Jennifer Lawrence in it that I haven’t liked, so she’s kept up that streak for me.

This film had me contemplating what I would have done, you know, if it was actually plausible for me to be aboard a space ship having woken up from a space sleep 90 years too early, faced with potentially a life time aboard a ship floating through space, with only a robot for company, heading for a new planet where 5,000 other people would get the life that you were supposed to have. I’d like to think that I’d have the story that these 2 characters do and the ‘courage’ that they have. It was very touching and I realised I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat at some moments in the cinema.

This film is a must see, whether it’s slightly predictable or not, I still enjoyed it.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Imagine this – the year is 1926, and an unusual and mysterious man named Newt Scamander (who looks awfully like Eddie Redmayne) arrives in New York with a suitcase full of magical creatures that are often misunderstood, a bit like Newt himself. His creatures are released into the world as Newt bands together with some unlikely allies to save them before the New York Ministry get a hold of them.

This movie is a solid addition to the Harry Potter series (which I am a massive fan of), full of the spells I’ve grown up hearing on the big screen, with spellbinding action and lovable characters.

I was often surprised to find myself laughing out loud at the quick witted characters one minute then feeling troubled the next at how quickly the movie could change to a dark scene – which is a good thing I may add. I hate movies where you know what to expect.

My only complaint is that it did take a while for the film to get to the big dramatic ending, which felt quite abrupt and out of no where when it did finally come. But this gave me a chance to get to know Newt and the other character’s better by focusing on him and the creatures he carries around.

Newt and his No Maj (American or Muggle) friend were so lovable and similarly to the Harry Potter trio had me wanting to see more of them. The bad guy in this movie wasn’t quite as devious and evil as Lord Voldermort however, but who is?

Anything magical that allows me to escape the real world and throw myself into a land of fantasy and adventure is perfect for me. I still prefer the Harry Potter films, but I can’t wait to see more of Newt and his creatures. Eddie Redmayne is the perfect actor for this role and does the HP world proud.

Worth a watch, HP fan or not (if not you’re strange). It’s amazing seeing the creatures that J.K.Rowling has managed to imagine in her head and what these movie makers have brought to life, I feel like the creatures in this film are real now and all around us.


Would give it a 9/10 – which is probably biased though because I adore anything HP related. Oh and don’t worry there’s plenty of mention of Hogwarts in here even if you don’t see it.

Rogue One – may the force be with you


Rogue One was almost everything I had hoped it would be. The only thing I missed was lots of Lightsaber action – but don’t worry there are a few Darth Vader appearances with his glowing red saber at the end, but it would have been great to see more.

Rogue One wasn’t short of explosions, battle scenes, strange creatures and heroism. We see a group of unexpected heroes band together to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s devastating new weapon which literally obliterates planets – cool huh?

This film is based before all of the original Star Wars films. Do you remember Princess Leia telling Luke that a lot of people died to get hold of the Death Star’s plans at the start of the original movie? Well this is what she was talking about. Plenty of people die in this epic beach battle to find a way to bring down Vader.

It’s not surprising that the movie debut brought in £17.3m in the UK alone, proving that Star Wars still has a massive fan base. This truly is a movie made for its dedicated fans, but you might struggle to get the gist of things/ enjoy it if you don’t like the other Star Wars films. Although if you like cool fight scenes and space ships you can still appreciate Rogue One for its fun story line and epic ending.

I loved the band of rebellious misfits that come together in this film to take on their opponent when all seems lost, it made me want to become a rebel!

Definitely worth a watch, Star Wars fan or not. But being a fan of the intergalactic saga myself, I’d give it a 8.5/10!

All shiny and new

I thought it was about time I got rid of all of my old embarrassing posts and gave my blog a revamp. This new blog will focus purely on what I love, which is films.

With my Cineworld unlimited card I will be able to watch all of the latest movie releases and give you an insight into what you should and shouldn’t bother watching at the cinema.

You may also be interested to know that I like to make my own films, short documentaries to be exact. Here is an example of an award winning documentary that I made on infertility:

Feel free to let me know if there are any movies you’d like me to review/ share your thoughts or arguments on anything I do post and enjoy.