Fifty Shades Darker


Based on the massively popular Fifty Shades books, the second film in this saga follows a wounded Christian Grey as he fights to get back the new woman in his life, Anastasia Steele.

As the two try to build back a relationship they face some bizarre trials, but they still manage to have a ton of sex.

I’ve never been much of a prude but some of these sex scenes, specifically one including some ‘silver balls’ were a little bit cringey. But there were some goofy laugh out loud moments and it stuck to the books storyline really well.

My main concern with this film is how it scathes over some of the troubling people they face from Christian’s past. They’re sort of like the villians of a movie, but instead of us getting to know one villian well and watching them battle the problem, they have three ‘villians’. Because there’s so much going on in this movie and so many past relationships to face it kind of brushes over them a bit too quick – basically this movie has some structural issues.

One thing I can’t complain about is a bit of topless Jamie Dornan, who does a great job at putting on an American accent and looking brilliant in a suit as well as out of one.


It’s a bit cringey at times but it’s worth a watch, it exceeded its predecessor in some ways but in many ways could have been better.

Loved the film sets and fancy costumes/ face masks also, Dakota Johnson looked amazing in her long silver dress and face mask in the masquerade scene.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll round off this saga in the final movie.



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