Sherlock: The Final Problem

Caution: this blog post will contain spoilers so don’t say I didn’t warn you if you haven’t already watched it.


The things I have loved about Sherlock throughout all of its series is: Benedict Cumberbatch, Moriarty, the complex story lines, John and Sherlock’s relationship and the riddles. I also love how it’s often quite outrageous with its story lines, but I wonder whether it went a bit too far in this last season, I know some critics certainly think so.

I mean Sherlock had a secret sister, who’s crazy to say the least, but oh wait he also had a secret brother too and Sherlock reprogrammed his own brain to forget about them because of the loss he suffered – eh?

However this series still managed to be a roller coaster ride and I think the second episode was actually one of my favourites – second to the one where Sherlock faked his own death. Sherlock’s flat in Baker Street is blown up, his sister worked with criminal mastermind Moriarty to mess with Sherlock, he had to work quickly to solve puzzles to save many lives and break into a mental asylum.

I am glad we got to see bits of Moriarty from ‘beyond the grave’, however he was my favourite villain and even Sherlock’s evil mastermind sister couldn’t top him for me.

This emotional script provided plenty of laughs as usual and excitement, still leaving us with many questions, as each episode has always managed too. For example did Sherlock’s sister brainwash Moriarty or did Moriarty get Sherlock’s sister on his side first? blah blah blah.

They had a fantastic little montage ending of John and Sherlock at the end as they leave this episode wiser and stronger in their friendship, ready to solve crimes and continue writing blogs about it. If this was the last ever episode it had a lovely sign off, but I hope it’s not as I can’t get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.

If you don’t understand what I’m on about and you’ve not watched this series yet, you must!


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